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 La bicicletta AIUTA l'ambiente!!

Ha vinto il buon senso. Il Ministero dell'Ambiente, dopo 10 anni, riconosce la F.I.A.B. quale ente di protezione ambientale. I Festeggiamenti in occasione del cicloraduno nazionale!!

Presto il riconoscimento della FIAB ?

Di seguito, a memoria storica, la vecchia pagina di protesta per il mancato riconoscimento (in Inglese).

The bicycles in Italy pollute! (the Minister says)

Over 10 years ago the Italian Friends of the Bicycle Association (FIAB) issued a request to the Italian Government and the Department of the Environment to be recognized as an association for the defense and protection of the environment. After waiting all this time, last month the request was rejected with the bizarre reasonng that: "The primary aim of the Federation is to promote the use of the bicycle and this is non identifiable - a priori - as a purpose for environment protection."

In opposition to this totally unacceptable decision FIAB have launched an online petition that has already been signed by many thousands of people. We need the help of the cyclists worldwide to demonstrate that in other countries, bicycles ARE considered an important instrument in the protection of the natural and man-made environment.

Please sign the petition (and make known to all your friends this link).

TO SIGN CLICK HERE and include your name and your e-mail address, and add a note to the Minister if you wish to do so.

We thank you in advance for all your support. We really need it!


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